Lexon Incorporations: Corporate, accounting, trust
Lexon Incorporations: Corporate, accounting, trust
Corporate maintenance of companies

The optimal decision regarding the country for registration for the trading or holding company is one of the key factors for the success of the entrepreneur’s commercial operations.

The company’s operations only just begin at the registration. In subsequent years, it is very important to have competent and reliable maintenance of both the legal as well as corporate matters of the company.

For stable and long-term existence, a company must comply with the legislative standards of the country where it is registered. The following aspects are essential in most cases:

  1. Timely filing of compulsory financial statements and tax returns in accordance with the law of the country where it is registered.
  2. Proper drawing up of corporate documents required for the company’s further operations, such as Minutes of directors’ decisions, Minutes of the meetings of shareholders, Resolutions, Powers of attorney, and other documents related to corporate matters of a company.
  3. Legalisation of corporate and other documents, whether by an Apostille, or with consular institutions, in order for them to be used in other countries where the company plans to carry on its operations.
  4. Receiving the company’s correspondence and ensuring it is delivered to its registered address.
  5. Ensuring the corporate goodstanding, and, if required, obtaining the relevant certificates from the register of companies.
  6. Other procedures related to the maintenance of the company’s status and structure in order to arrange its effective commercial operations.

Unless the owner has any individual requirements, the standard annual maintenance of the company is usually carried out every twelve months after its registration. In addition to the standard procedures for annual prolongation, the corporate agent also fulfils other orders received from the client in regard to the corporate maintenance over the period of a particular year.

Lexon Incorporations will ensure the company’s stable and appropriate corporate maintenance throughout its existence in accordance with the applicable standards of the country where it is registered.

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